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I am now the US rep for the Sommer Spirit DS saddle from Germany! You've never ridden in anything like this!Sommer Spirit DS The Saddle for YOUR lifetime!








Amber Burton and Ffire Storm+

We pride ourselves in selling the very best horses for endurance riding.  They all have great trots, fast walks, no spooks, excellent conformation, good backs, very people oriented and tractable, and of course, very pretty!  Most are Russian or Russian crosses, but occasionally we find others too good to pass up!  References available from happy clients! Firedance Farms Arabians is located one hour south of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is owned by Louise & Bruce Burton. We own and stand the stallions Poseidon Bay and Naalo. contact us




The Burtons in 1998

/   BruceJesseCougarRockweb.JPG (34347 bytes)  RedPepper98.jpg (70870 bytes)

The Burtons 19,000 miles later!

DuckyFrezerRBurn10072websm.JPG (32973 bytes)     Poseidonjotate504sm.JPG (32601 bytes)       MaidofMischiefUnicornHunt07smwritingweb.JPG (28104 bytes)     JesseBlaze11-05smweb.JPG (29960 bytes)




Book your mares now for the 2023 season! Posedion Bay is 24 this year, so now is your chance to get that awesome Posey baby!!


NEW BABIES!! All photos taken on day 1.

Am I Blue+// (Ducky) x Naalo. Dixie's (Blue Russian) full sister



CR BLOND BOMBSHELL (Sandy) x POSEIDON BEY Another filly born the day before Bruce's birthday!



Paandorra's TENTH foal by Poseidon Bay! She's a huge filly!







Another Straight Russian filly! Naalo x Fleur D Angel! This is the sweetest filly we've ever had!




Firedance Farms Horses did great at Weather Permitting!

1st Place 50 miles: Tosh Point O, owned by Julie More

Best Condition and High Vet Score: Mardigras RA, owned by Cynthia Peticolas

Turtle: EA Flame Afire (Eli), owned by Manda Morris






Apollo (Versace Moments MP) has found his perfect match! Leah and family (Endurance Horses and Hay Inc) have moved down from Canada to Texas! Welcome to the Central Region!





Snip (Master ofthe Game) in his new home with Alan Padgett of Black Mustang Ranch in Texas!



Firedance Farms Horses score at Owl Hoot Spook Limited Distance Ride!








Mardigras RA High Vet Score Oct 29 1st place Oct 30th riden by Mary Kaye


Master ofthe Game (Snip) High Vet Score Oct 30th


Roman Holiday is doing great in the SE region with Denise Secino!









Congratulations to Jay Williams and Phaetonn for completing Phaetonn's first 50 at Biltmore!







Rococco Oriana by Naalo. Owned by Wendy Justice

New Foals!

Paandia by Poseidon Bay

SeeeU by Naalo

Twister by Poseidon Bay, owned by Russell Sain











Tosh Point 0 wins Best Condition and High Vet score on Owl Spook 50!





Bruce, Louise, and Alexis Jones win the Warriors Challenge Hunter Pace/Obstacle Race!









Congratulations to Mojito Bay (Posey baby) and Alexis Jones for finishing Ft Howes and Spanish Peaks 50s!








Welcome Samantha Lewis to the CT region! Watch out Texas! She and Pasha are going to be awesome!








Firedance Farms Horses make a sweep of the AERC Central Region Awards!

Louise Burton 3rd FW on Paassion, Bruce Burton, 2nd MW on CR Blonde Bombshell, and FIRST LW was Laura Marshall on Furaha Mirere!











New Poseidon Bay colt out of Zivah (Percheron/Arab/Saddlebred cross!)




Wendy Justice's new PALOMINO Naalo foal!

"P 8" Poseidon Bay x Paandorra This is another huge colt from the great Poseidon x Paandorra cross.

Straight Russian filly by Naalo and out of Fleur D Angel!



Tosh Point O and Julie Moore win Best Condition and High Vet Score at Weather Permitting Feb 6th!

Mojito Bay (Posedion Bay x Bacardi) and Alexis Jones win Best Condition and High Vet Score at Weather the Storm Feb 27th!





Am I Blue+// (aka Ducky) finishes 4th at Weather Permitting 50 for her SEVENTEENTH consectutive year of endurance!






Introducing PASHAHN, our new Firedance Farms purebred mare. She just did her first 25 with a CRI of 40/44 and 10s in gait! She's going to be a great one!


Our Canadian friends visit before the word COVID was invented! Louise/Ducky, Rafael/Sandy, Laura/Fuey, Belle Stroh (our junior), and Tania/Neutronn). Weather Permitting Feb 2020.






Look at this Posey colt!

Mojito Bay (by Poseidon Bay), ridden by Alexis Jones, wins first place and best condition at Indian Territory 30 Nov. 14th!





Tosh Point O and Julie Moore

Julie, Laura, Louise Season Finale 50 11-20


Two Poseidon Bay colts in Oregon! Katie Daniels and Trident with Debra Cory and Proteeus!












Introducing Palaemon! This is a huge colt! Poseidon Bay x Paandorra's 7th foal. The others are in six different AERC regions! Where will he find his lifetime partner?




Introducing Seeeker (Naalo x Fleur D Angel). Our new Straight Russian Colt!!







Sandy (CR BLONDE BOMBSHELL) wins AERC High Mileage 1/2 Saddlebred!



Am I Blue+// (aka Ducky) just received high vet score and 2nd place at Weather the Storm, making her SIXTEENTH consecutive year of endurance competition!

Wendy Oswood's new Sommer Spirit DS saddle!

Phaetonn is growing up!

All six of Paadorra's foals (Poseidon Bay) are in six different AERC regions!!




Congratulations to Greg Mayer and Lucy (JSN Kaluah and Cream) on their extremely successful 2019 season!








We're so excited! Blue Eyed Ranger has been DNA tested homozygous Pinto!!!









New Poseidon foals! filly(Paandorra) colt(Maid of Mischief)







Proteeus and Debra Cory starting their endurance career!



Tania Poehlman and MA Time Bandit!

Tania's new Sommer DS!



Am I Blue+// (aka Duck) 3000 miles and 15 consecutive years in endurance and first place at Rain Dance. Now in foal to Naalo!





Congratulations to Kecia Smette and LC Tripleplay+/ (sqkr) on their Legion of Supreme Honor!


Trinka Arnold's new Sommer Spirit DS saddle is here!



Am I Blue+// got 2nd place with a ride time of 5:32 on Weather Permitting 50. This makes her 14 season of endurance in a row! (Photo by Annetta Tinsman with Dr Jeanie Hauser)






As of Sept, we have sold all of Posey's colts! Both Pandorra and Mischief are in foal for next year!







In over 30 years of endurance, Bruce finally WON his first 50! Pictured with new sale horse MA Time Bandit on his first 50!



Benjamin and Newt won 1st Middleweight on the Santa Cruz 30!




Phaetonn is going to North Carolina to start his new life with Jay Williams (see Biltmore photo)

Proteeus is going to Debra Cory of Oregon!

Trident is also in Oregon!


2017 Naalo and Poseidon Bay foals!


Jay Williams, riding Amati, whom he bought from Firedance Farms 14 years ago!




Team Award with Vic and Vance Stine!



Sir Isaac Newton's new partner, Benjamin Materna!


Kim DeForrest (CA) purchased a GORGEOUS Sommer Spirit DS saddle for Perseeus!

Karen Badger's (Canada) new saddle!

All Firedance Farms clients receive a $100 discount!




Pamela Miller and Merlin CF are NATIONAL AERC CHAMPIONS for high mileage for 2016, beating 2nd place by 385 miles!



Kecia and Sqkr are Reserve Champions!


2016 foals: Naalo x Mea Classic Rose(Cathie Birmingham), Naalo x Zilvers Charm (Linda/Barry Cole), Poseidon Bay x Paandorra

Where everyone is in 2015!!!

Burtons ...............25,000+ miles and counting.....


And everyone else!!


Congratulations to the regional winners in 2015:

More Than Faith (Silas) Theresa Carroll- 1st Featherweight SE Region

LC Tripleplay(Sqkr) Kecia Smette- 3rd Featherweight SW Region

CR Blonde Bombshell (Sandy) Bruce Burton- 2nd Middleweight CT Region

Bruce and Louise top ten Julie Suhr Family Award

and a special congrats to Nockout, who is back doing endurance after a devestating injury! Russian horses are tough!



Naalo wins high vet score both times I rode him in 2015, giving us the TINY HINEY award in OCER!



Propetual Motion wins high vet score Oct 3rd!



New colt by Poseidon Bay x Maid of Mischief!


Sharon Belcher and granddaughter,Emily, on Phantasy Eve and Bravvo Bey finishing the Camp Far West 50! Phantasy is a Firedance Farms Straight Russian mare


Congratulations to Kecia and Squeaker for finishing the TEVIS last night!!!

Brianne and Dre and Karen and Spider (First Firee) take first and second and Best Condition on the 75 mile ride in Canada!

Am I Blue+// (aka Ducky) is now in foal to Naalo, our big straight Russian stallion for an April 2015 baby!

Maid of Mischief is in foal to Poseidon Bay for an April 2015 baby as well!





Roxanne Batt and Nockout !!

(Nockout is one of our Russian horses and

the brother of Nickolai,

Nixx, Nitroxx, Naalo and Naarnia)






Kecia Smette and LC Tripleplay (aka Squeaker) place 4th overrall, completing all five days at Carmel XP!

They are Tevis bound now for sure!





Nickolai wins 3rd place at Biltmore!

Luv on the Rocs and Melissa Powers are in the SE regional standings!



New baby colt!

Introducing PROTEUS (Poseidon Bay x Paandorra)

Full brother to Perseeus!







Louise and Am I Blue+// (aka Ducky) join the decade teams!!!




Three Straight Russian offspring of The One Iment (Trixx) won Best Conditions in this fall!

She may be the only mare in AERC with this accomplishment!  Congratulations to

Roxanne Batt- Nockout

Lisa Boyd - Nixx

Jennifer Simpson- Nickolaii


MDVirgo100champ.JPG (181871 bytes)


   100 mile Regioinal AHA Champion!!!

   Strider (MD Virgo) and Diane Hawthorne!







TripleplayKeciaGrandCanyon2013.JPG (94817 bytes)Kecia and Squeaker at the Grand Canyon!

Louise Burton wins on Am I Blue+// for her 10,000 mile mark!

Paandorrafoalday31.JPG (96221 bytes)



New Poseidon Bay colt, Perseeus, by our straight Russian mare, Paandorra! 



4 Firedance Farms horses are in the regional standings!  Congratulations to the SE owners; getting into the regional standings in that region is very difficult!     (2012)                                

More Than Faith (Frosty)  SE      Thereasa Carroll    

MD Virgo (Strider)                 SE         Diane Hawthorne     

MS Marshalldually             SE       Vance Stine          

Paassion                             CT       Louise Burton

TWO OF THE TOP FIVE AERC 50 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RIDE WERE FIREDANCE FARMS HORSES!  AND BEST CONDITION!   Congratulations to Jen Simpson and Nickolaii (homebred Russian) for Best Condition and Theresa Carroll and Frosty (More Than Faith) for 2nd place!  (2012)

Congratulations as well to Vance and Marshall on the 50 and Diane and Strider on the 100!

Firedance Farms Horses Make an Impression at Leatherwood!  Theresa Carroll and More Than Faith (Frosty) 1st place and Best Condition.   Jen Simpson and Nickolaii 2nd Place.                      Vance Stine and JS Marshaldually finish both days!

Diane  and Strider(MD Virgo) are first in the SE Region!

Am I Blue, aka Ducky, received her Legion of Excellence!  She is now AM I BLUE+// !

First Firee, aka Spider, won BC on his first 25 with Kathy McCartney in Canada!

Jen and Nickolaii do it again!  1st place at GERA!

BILTMORE NEWS!   Congratulations to Jen and Nickolaii for their 5th place finish out of @100 riders on the 50!  And to Diane and Strider for their 4th place finish (out of 47) on the 75!  Nickolaii is from our straight Russian program.

Congratulations to Diane and Strider (MD Virgo) for completing their first 100 at Blazing Saddles!  They are now first in the SE region!!!

Poseidon Bay is back!   He will be standing at stud here for 2012.  He's a big homozygous Arab/Saddlebred cross...perfect for your chestnut or bay Arabian mares!


spottySandra2day.jpg (26705 bytes)GoGoGator Run 2012wp.jpg (37626 bytes)MarshallVicGatorRun2012.JPG (169957 bytes)


Congratulations to Sandra Bartsch and Spottlyte, Diane Hawthorne  and Strider (MD Virgo), and Vic Stine and Marshall(J-S Marshaldually) for completing two back to back 50s this year!

Happy birthdays to the twentysomethings!   Cider (Broken Promises) age 20 and Kashan(LCS Silverado) age 27

Congratulations to Kecia Smette and LC Tripleplay (Squeaker) on completing their first 75!

Congratulations to Theresa Carroll and More Than Faith for 4th place overrall in the SE region!

The Burton family had a great Thanksgiving weekend!   Bruce reached his 4000 miles, Amber reached her 6000 miles, Am I Blue+// (Ducky) reached her 2000 miles and was AERC Central Region Champion in the 50!

DuckgallopNC2011sm.jpg (102187 bytes)Am I Blue+/ wins AHA US National 100 mile 1/2 arabian for the second time in a row!


RoxyMelissa100wp.JPG (24574 bytes)Luv on the Rocs and Melissa Powers complete their first 100 at DuPuis Piney Pig!

Kecia Smette and LC Tripleplay win BC on their first ride!

Our condolences to Rob Kalb for the loss of his wonderful Russian gelding, WN Simon Phoenix.  Phoenix was accidently poisoned by oleander.  He was an awesome horse, having completed both the Tevis and the Florac in France!

Nixx and Nockout (AKA Norman), straight Russian 1/2 brothers (out of The One Iment)  win first place (Nixx) and Best Condition (Norman) at Ride the Divide!!!

Paradoxx (Wisdom) wins his first 80 km race in Jordan!!!



Kashan10.jpg (50976 bytes)Kashan (SCS Silverado) won two silvers and a bronze at the Special Olympics!  Kashan was the first Firedance Farms Endurance horse we sold.  He is 24 and happily a therapy horse now!


Two Firedance Farms horses (More Than Faith and The Negotiator) win first and second (and BC) at Broxton Bridge Plantation ride May 14th!

JM Cest La Vie wins on his second CTR!

Poseidon Bay wins 2009 Pinto Distance Horse of the Year, and 8th Place Overrall (competing with the show horses)!!!


MD Virgo places 5th at Blazing Saddles on his second 50!


DuckyNC.JPG (47252 bytes)AM I BLUE+/ (aka Ducky) WINS THE US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 100 MILE RIDE (1/2 Arabian)!!!!! 

NixxTerrydressage2.jpg (7384 bytes)Nixx is 2009 Region 8 USDF Dressage Horse of the year, training level!

AMES SUPREME AND SIMPLY MAGIK have gone to  Jordan!!!


FrostyJenniferVT75sm.jpg (22599 bytes)Jennifer Poling and More Than Faith win the Vermont 75!

Rita Swift and WP Front and Sinter place 2nd at Ft Howes 55!

Firedance Farms Horses win Region IX AHA Champion Purebred and Half Arabian AND Best Condition at TX Bluebonnet!  (DJB Abednegos Flame and Am I Blue+)

PKH Spottlyte is judged Best Condition with Sandra Bartsch at Montana Del Oro on his first ride!

Nickolaii, another of our Straight Russian horses, won Best Condition and High Vet Score on a tough 35 May 24th!

Poseidon Bay, owned by Liz Masters, is currently rated second in AERC Jim Jones Stallion Award!


Paradoxx, now called Wisdom,   just did his first endurance race in Jordan! 

GroundZeroJordansm.JPG (25666 bytes)

Ground Zero (chestnut) places 11th in Wadi Rum Endurance Race in Jordan!


The Burtons make a sweep at Blackwell or Bust over Thanksgiving! JM Cest La Vie wins first and Best Condition on the 25, Am I Blue+ wins First on the 50 and our new up and coming star Whole Lotta Morada (ridden by Amber) wins second! And  SheRah, a daughter of Fa Al Badi+/, wins Best Condition!  On day two Am I Blue+(Louise) and Stuart Little (Amber) come in 1st and 2nd with Am I Blue+ receiving Best Condition!  1/2 Arab 1/2 Saddlebreds are doing great in endurance!

MoradaLCB1108sm.JPG (112152 bytes)VievieLCB1108sm.JPG (60998 bytes)DuckyLCB21108sm.JPG (84970 bytes)




Poseidon Bay is 2007 PtHA Endurance Horse of the Year!!

PoseidonBellCowtrot1104sm.JPG (66013 bytes)   POSEIDON BAY our  wonderful homozygous Pinto Stallion, is going to CA!  He will be raced and standing at stud with Liz Masters of Aguanga CA.  Please contact Liz to breed your mare to Poseidon Bay!


Paradoxxhead2sm507.JPG (68404 bytes)Paradoxx, our head stallion,  has gone to the Royal Palace in Jordan to live with Princess Alia Al Hussein! 

GroundZeroTXBluebonnet5072sm.JPG (99490 bytes)GROUND ZERO has also gone  to JORDAN!!



the FLORAC in FRANCE and the TEVIS!!!!

phoenix100miles.JPG (72244 bytes)




JayAmatibeach.JPG (49858 bytes)Congratulations to JAY WILLIAMS and AMATI for finishing the Biltmore 2006!!


POSEIDON BAY is PINTO HORSE OF THE YEAR 2005!!! (endurance)                                 

WP Front and Sinter (Sarge) places top ten at the Biltmore on his first 100!  Congratulations to RascalBiltmore5051.JPG (21852 bytes)Rita and Tom Swift on this purchase and the purchase of RAZONN JAMIE; two of our very best! 


"Sarge" at the Biltmore 100



KrakowBruce.JPG (45402 bytes)Krakow joins the ranks of his mares by completing his first AERC 50 with a HW  AT AGE 19!!!   Yeah KRAKOW!  I knew you were one tough horse!  Great mares + great stallion = great babies!!

It is with great sorrow and regret that we anounce Krakow's passing on Jan 25, 2007.  He slipped in the ice storm and broke his leg.  He leaves a legacy of six (5 straight Russian) offspring.






Bennibiltmore.jpg (94678 bytes)

Congratulations to H.E. Sheikh bin Sultan
                           Al Nahyan Khalid
on his 7th place win at the Biltmore 2004 on DJB Abednegos Flame!  We KNEW he was a great horse!!    (Thanks Angie for the photo!)



Amber Burton and Causin A Commotion win the 2003 IAHA Region 8 Half Arabian Championship and Best Condition and Meghan Dunn of TX wins the Reserve! Both girls were 16 years old.



Links to info and entries:

2019 AERC CT Region Convention Information

Cougar Prowl Entry Prague Lake, Prague OK. This link includes Winter Weather rides for 2023 at Bell Cow Lake

Louise, Bruce, Jesse & Amber Burton 5220 Honey Creek Rd.   Okmulgee OK 74447  (918)756-3757