2024 Sale Horses

UPDATE! We have four Firedance Farms fillies this year!

Straight Russian horses are getting very hard to find because they outcrossed so well with other lines. They are tough, have outstanding trots and low pulse rates; that's why they make outstanding endurance horses! We can now proudly offer several STRAIGHT RUSSIAN colts and fillies this year!

Coming Soon! 3 year old high percentage PALOMINO Arabian filly!







Shimmerrr!! Straight Russian filly born 5-1-21. Full sister to Seeeker and SeeeU. Fleur D Angel (Mag granddaughter) x Naalo (Menes grandson). Both parents are endurance horses and Shimmerrr is a 4th generation endurance horse from Firedance Farms! She is super gentle, has a gorgeous head and that super Russian trot! $6000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zTpYXJ_sK0 Too late! Shimmerrr is going to California!

Feel free to email Jai Chapman about Firedance Farms Russian horses! jjcdec@gmail.com






Fleur D Angel, Naalo






SeeeU! SeeeU is a 2022 full brother to Seeeker, Shimmerrr and Silverr Angel. He has no white markings and will be grey. This is another great straight Russian colt. Fleur D Angel (Mag granddaughter) x Naalo (Menes grandson). Both parents are endurance horses and SeeeU is a 4th generation endurance horse from Firedance Farms! He is very kind and not spooky! $5000. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC9nKFrmWQo


The babies are growing up!





Silvverr Angel- Silverr Angel is a full sibling to SeeeU, Seeeker, and Shimmerrrr. She is straight Russian by Naalo (Menes grandson) x Fleur D Angel (Mag granddaughter). This 4th generation Firedance Farms Endurance horse is going to be awesome! This filly is the friendliness, people loving baby we've ever had. She is not a spook! Russian Arabians make outstanding endurance horses and straight Russian fillies are very rare! $5000 Video (Aug) https://youtu.be/7_wgWleQsNw


photo 1-24










Pitane-Introducing P10, Paandorra's 10th foal by Poseidon Bay!Paandora is our fabulous straight Russian mare out of Persimmon DSA (Kilimandscharo, Panama of Tersk granddaughter) by Paradoxx (exported to Jordan). She is the biggest one yet! Pitane (river nymph loved by Poseidon) is huge! She is also very friendly and not a spook! Paandorra's foals are all over the country and doing well in endurance! She is also a 4th generation Firedance Farms endurance horse! Pitane may be the last cross of Paandorra x Poseidon Bay and this filly is truly AWESOME! $5000 Video (Aug) https://youtu.be/1GIs7TDbOrM

Megan Miller has found her heart horse! feel free to e-mail her about Firedance Farms Arabians! MeganKe.Miller@gmail.com


photo at 7 weeks










Blue Iriss: This is Am I Blue+// (aka Ducky) one of only two foals. Ducky was two time National Champion IAHA 100 mile endurance and did 50s every year for 17 years in a row! She is truly a remarkable horse. If you want a truely well bred endurance prospect, this is the one! Ducky is almost 16h and Iriss's sister is already 15.3. She is by Naalo, high point vet score in OCER and she is 3/4 Russian Arabian and 1/4 saddlebred.$7500 Video (Aug) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA5vAatzdk4

Blue Iriss is not for sale at this time. I can't bear to part with a Ducky baby!


full sister Blue Russian (aka Dixie)





Cinnamon Bay: We wanted to get a Poseidon Bay foal from Sandy (CR Blonde Bombshell) before it was too late (he's 24) and we got a super nice filly! Sandy is Bruce's 100 mile horse, and she is fabulous! She's done the Big Horn, Old Dominion and Top of the World. Always sound and willing to go! Posey was a 3 time Pinto Endurance Horse of the Year so this cross is going to be amazing! Sandy will be back doing 100s again, so this may be the only cross between these two great horses! Cinnamon is approximately 1/2 saddlebred and 1/2 Arabian. Like Sandy, she prefers human company to 4 legged ones! $7500 Video (Aug) https://youtu.be/bJW3dv0S3O0


3 months 1-24



Recently Sold







Seeeker!!! 2 yr old stallion. Seeeker is our first Straight Russian colt out the beautiful Fleur D Angel and Naalo. He is super friendly, bold, and very level headed! Although he's just 2, I couldn't resist driving and saddling him! Seeeker will be grey. Russian horses add bone and TROT to any breeding program. The crosses were so outstanding (my two time 100 mile National Champion is out of a Straight Russian dam by a saddlebred) that straight Russian horses are very rare now. This colt is bred to race and loves to run. Both of his parents were endurance horses and his grandsire is a race winner in Jordan. We have this horse priced reasonably to allow for export costs. $6000 VIDEO 5/22: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-9B2YiNi3Q

Seeeker has found his new best friend with Nancy Beirl in Dewey AZ! You are welcome to ask her about the Straight Russian Firedance Farms Horses! outwestisbest@gmail.com

















Apollo is a super sweet 4 year old 15.1+ purebred gelding that absolutely loves people. Apollo did his first 25 the end of October and scored 44/40 on his CRI and trotted out beautifully. He will be ready to do another 25 at Season Finale. Apollo is really smooth and has a wonderful canter. He is not a spooky horse at all. He needs a quiet rider and lots of 'good boys' because he is still learning. This is a really nice gelding! $6500 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1VQTTr9vI4 Apollo has found his perfect match with Leah Harrison of Endurance Horses and Hay! Watch out CT region!! You are welcome to email Leah about Firedance Farms Horses! office@ehhay.org















Master ofthe Game BCA: 15.3h 10 year old 1/2 Saddlebred 1/2 Arabian gelding. Snip is very well trained. He loves people. His pulse rates are awesome! Snip is very surefooted and excellent on trail. He goes well alone and is not a spook. He is partner is someone who can ride well but wants a well trained non spooky horse that loves to go down the trail! $6500 Update! Snip just won high vet score on the LD the end of October! This guy is so fun to ride!

We are selling him for his owner that wants him to go to an endurance/trail home. We are getting him ready to do 50s again. This is an awesome horse for someone who likes a horse that is very dependable and loves to go!

Monica and Allen of Black Mustang Ranch snatched him up! monica@blackmustangranch.com

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS4dj14m9hM



Pictured below is Amber Burton riding first field.


Snip and Alan!











Lucky Bey Bask Lucky is a drop dead gorgeous 16+hand 4 year old 7/8 Arabian 1/8 Saddlebred. He is super smooth and well trained. He is super friendly and loves people. Lucky is for an experienced rider. He has been known to buck when you first start out, and we cannot guarantee he will not do this again. He needs a rider who knows how to prevent a buck. He has never bucked once past the first walk out and he's not a spook. With my broken leg and Bruce's bad shoulder, we are going to have to let him go. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TPdF2KpN6s

Lucky has found his perfect match with Ceci and Darolyn Butler of Cypress Trails!

















Paandia has arrived! This is "P-9", the amazing cross between our straight RussianMare,Paandorra, and Poseidon Bay. These foals get snatched up right away, so if you are interested, don't wait. Her foals are in six AERC regions and now starting to compete in endurance. Look at her tail! $3000

Too Late! Shannon Pietig of MN and owner of Phoebee, has snagged her as her second Posey/Paandorra cross!




















Recently Sold


Blue Eyed Ranger: This colt is fantastic! He has tested homozygous pinto as well!

Ranger is by Poseidon Bay and out of our beautiful 3/4 Arab, 1/4 saddlebred pinto mare. Both have over 1000 miles of endurance. He is a full brother to Trident. Breed your mares and you will always have color! Ranger is calm, level headed, respectful, and easy to train. He lives on 12 acres with two mean geldings! $6000 with reserved breedings.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRLTuwZVACU&feature=youtu.be Too Late! Ranger has found his forever friend with Rex and Kimberly Boutwell! You are welcome to email Kim about Firedance Farms horses! kboutwell2019@yahoo.com



Photos by Kim Boutwell
























RKGG PASHAHN When we got Pasha last fall, she was not broke, didn't know how to deal with fences,gates, or other horses, her feet were a mess, and she didn't trust us. But we saw a diamond in the rough and she has turned out to be a FANTASTIC horse. What more can you want? A gorgeous 15.3h purebred Arabian mare who finished her first 25 with 10s in gait and a 40/44 CRI! This mare is the most surefooted and tough footed mare I think I have ever ridden. She is not a spook, loves to go down the trail, and did I mention SMOOTH? She has that little lope to die for! She loves people. She turned 5 May 10th, so she should be ready for a slow 50 in the fall. Her match is a calm experienced rider who is very encouraging and a can keep her feet trimmed correctly. $5000. Pashahn has found her perfect match with Samantha Lewis of Texas! We welcome Samantha to the CT region endurance group! You are welcome to contact Samanatha regarding Firedance Farms Horses! sam@olsonconstructionservices.com

NEW VIDEO 5-21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b0f7tr4sf4











Ponntus: This is the 8th foal out of our best straight Russian mare, Paandorra, and by Poseidon Bay. He has siblings in six different AERC regions and is a fourth generation Firedance Farms endurance horse! Ponntus (Greek for the Titan Sea God) is huge. He will probably be close to 16h. All of these horses are super easy to train and very people oriented. Ponntus is no exception! He is gelded, weaned and ready for his new best friend! $3000 New Video 7-21 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97nrEwnJtFA

Congratulations to Emily Pashley on joining the Posey/Paandorra gang! Feel free to email Emily about our horses! eepashley@gmail.com






















TOSH POINT O This is a huge gentle Saddlebred Arab gelding that is over 16h and only four years old! Tosh is well trained, kind, and very easy going. He has a low hunter way of going. Tosh did his second LD ride in June and did awesome in the heat! He is truely a gentle giant! $6500

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07f0_AmBwW4



Congratulations to Julie Moore on her new endurance partner! They did a 25 a week after purchase and got 2nd high vet score! Feel free to email Julie about Firedance Farms horses! juliemoore0309@gmail.com

Tosh and Julie were OCER Rookie horse of the year for 2020! What an incredible team!









Palaemon: Palaemon (Greek God of saliors in distress) is Paandorra's 7th foal by Poseidon Bay. All of the other six are in different AERC regions in the country! Where will Palaemon find his forever home? This colt is awesome; what more can I say about this cross, except Palaemon is exceptionally tall (photo above at day 1). $3000. Video! https://youtu.be/z0Y9PZbRNgA

Update! Palaemon has found his new best friend in Ohio with Patty DeMott! Patty said to feel free to email her regarding Firedance Farms Horses!




New Photos 9-18-20!













Ppsyche: full sister to Persephone and Phoebee. This is a gorgeous filly! Fourth generation endurance horse by Poseidon Bay (3 time Pinto endurance horse of the year) and Paandorra, our best straight Russian mare. She will be very big. $3000

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkdhrSGNJ9A UPDATE: Haley Olsen of Tucson AZ has already snatched this amazing filly! Feel free to email her regarding buying Firedance Farms horses long distance! haley.olson.az@gmail.com

age 3 1/2 mo










PERSEPHONNE: Phoebee's yearling full sister! She is more upright and 'hooky' than any of the others! She is a big yearling! She's also super gentle and easy to work with. She'd rather be with you than the herd! We love the cross of our best Straight Russian mare (Paandorra) with Poseidon Bay! Plus she has an awesome tail! $3000

video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3E3kFaHPwg Ed Boyer of Missouri is now the proud owner of Persephonne! Feel free to contact Ed regarding Firedance Farms horses! ehboyer55@hotmail.com
















PHOEBEE Beautiful 2 year old filly by Poseidon Bay and out of Paandorra, our best straight Russian mare. She is a fourth generation Firedance Farms Endurance horse. Phoebee looks like her brother Proteeus. She will be tall and has a great mind. She loves people and is super gentle. I have done a lot of ground work on her and have gotten on and ridden her a bit in the round corral. I would not normally get on a 2 yr old, but she is already 15h and a big filly! $3500. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlukCPTBP8w too late! Phoebee is now owned by Shannon Pietig of MN. You are welcome to contact Shannon regarding Firedance Farms horses! srpietig1@gmail.com











HA TSAINT 5 yr old 15h black bay gelding. Both Tsaint and Roman Holiday are by HA TUSCAN SUN, and I am very impressed! Both of these geldings are super easy to train, CALM, and love to be goo-gooed over! Tsaint has done two 25s and a 50 Thanksgiving. He doesn't spook at anything and loves to go (plus he's easy to get on!). He reminds me so much of Fa Al Badi+/, who I rode for 3500 miles. Tsaint will bond to you and be your best friend. He won't be yours; you will be his! I love to take this guy everywhere. He much prefers being with you than other horses. His match is someone who is serious about endurance but wants a super fun personality! He is also very sure footed. Breeders Sweepstakes. $7500. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qrWq91vQyg UPDATE: Tsaint won Rookie horse of the year in the OCER endurance club! Too late! Tsaint has now found his perfect match with Pam Meadows of TN! Pam says you are welcome to email her about firedance farms horses! psmeadows59@gmail.com

















ROMAN HOLIDAY BMA: 4 yr old 15.3/4 purebred gelding. As you can see in the photo, Roman is a very kind horse. He's super willing and calm. He's a quieter horse than Tsaint or Ma Time and loves to be with people. When I turn him loose to eat grass, he just follows me around while I do chores! He's really smooth and very well trained. Breeders Sweepstakes. $6500. Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apORFGIqJoU UPDATE! Roman Holiday has found his owner with Denise Secino of Ocala Florida! Feel free to contact Denise regarding Firedance Farms horses! oakhillan@aol.com


Denise and Roman









MA TIME BANDIT 15.2+h 8 year old saddlebred/Arab cross. MA Time loves to hang out with people! He is not spooky and loves to go. MA Time Bandit has done 2 50s and several 25s and loves nothing more than to go down the trail. He is very smooth and with his fast walk you can ride forever. He is excellent on trail, both alone and in groups. MA Time Bandit has big bone but he is light bodied...great for hot weather! He pulsed down faster than the purebreds at the last hot ride! He is ridden by a heavyweight man. $6000. video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blyF8ekIKq0 UPDATE! MA TIME BANDIT has found his perfect match with Tania Poehlman of Onterio Canada! Feel free to contact Tania regarding Firedance Farms Horses! ingoodstanding@gmail.com


Tania and Ma Time Bandit!





15h 4 yr old purebred!This is a great horse from Empress Arabians. video in August of this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8gL1o0fji4

This horse is growing like a weed; I think he's already 15.1 since the summer. He's a very kind horse. We have just started him under saddle. He is a nice purebred who doesn't spook, and a great walk and very smooth. Breeders Sweepstakes. $5000. UPDATE! "Eli" is now owned by Manda Morris of TX!













Touched by Thunder: 11 yr old 15.3+ hand saddlebred/Arabian gelding. This horse is the sweetest horse ever and loves to go out on trail. He is super reliable and solid and is not a spook! If you want safe and smooth, he is your guy! Thunder needs a pasture home and would do best with an experienced rider who doesn't want to mess with silliness and spooks anymore! He has done 3 50s with both Bruce and I and he did fabulous. He pulses in at 44 and he got 10s in gait at the BC checks! Thunder has excellent feet and is very sure footed. He is super fun to ride because he's not a spook, he loves to go, and he is so smooth! Sweepstakes nominated. $5000 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6b1QJFdcoE

Update: Thunder is staying in the Central Region! He has found his perfect match with Sarah Leatherman leathesl46@gmail.com of Blue Springs MO!







Sarah and Thunder





Mardigras RA: 8 yr old 15.3 h purebred gelding. This horse is super nice! He is quiet and very gentle and nothing spooks this guy! He is a great learner. I've done two 50s on him and he did amazing! 44 pulse immediately at arrival, and 10s in gait! This horse reminds me a lot of Dre, our fabulous horse owned by Brianne Brault of Canada. He is going to be an outstanding endurance horse. He's one of the best purebreds I've ever trained for endurance. He is very well broke and very reliable! I truly cannot fault this horse! If you are serious about endurance, this is an international quality horse. Sweepstakes nominated. $8000 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGWxZlcjgqs

*Tied with Thunder for high vet score last weekend on an extremely tough mountain ride!

Mardi has found his perfect match with Cynthia Peticolas of Kansas! They have already done a 50 together! Cynthia says you are welcome to email her about Firedance Farms horses! janesherbondy@yahoo.com


















Proteeus This is Perseeus's full brother and a fourth generation Firedance Farms Endurance Horse! Proteeus just turned three and is already over 15.2! He is very calm and level headed. Proteeus's sire, Poseidon Bay, is a three time Pinto Endurance Horse of the Year and his dam is a third generation Straight Russian endurance mare. He has been raised on 70 acres of woods and creeks with his brothers. This cross produces outstanding horses to train, that are smooth, reliable, and great learners! Proteeus is solid in his ground work and has been under saddle with Eddie Ralston. Proteeus will excell both in endurance and dressage, as he has an outstanding natural headset and great extention. $5000 Too late! Proteeus and Debra Cory are going to have a great time together in Oregon!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8Dq-Ty6B3Y age 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9igfLYH_lyU age 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbc3xMTzj-c age 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDbMO-teHFQ 30 days in training

















Sir Isaac Newton SMA 6 yr old 16.1 h Saddlebred/Arabian gelding. This guy is super sweet and loves nothing more than to go on down the trail. He has a great mouth and super well trained. He has done one 25 and conditioning to do 50s this spring. Isaac has great feet and legs and he is very big! This guy has the kindest eye! Sweepstakes nominated. $7500 Newt has already found his lifetime partner with Benjamin Materna of CA! Benjamin says please feel free to contact him about Firedance Farms horses! bmaterna@solarcity.com


video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PVBYw5mv1M

























TRIDENT By Poseidon Bay and out of Maid of Mischief! Both parents have over 1000 miles of endurance! 2015 colt. We waited years to breed these two and we were not disappointed! He is calm and level headed like the other Posey babies! This colt has the most gorgeous tail you've ever seen! He's going to be every bit as tall as his brothers but he is more upright and he is super smooth! $3500 Trident is now proudly owned by Katie Daniels of Oregon! Feel free to email Katie about Firedance Farms! danielscattleco@yahoo.com


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwQj9tc2dQs




PHAETONN: Yearling full brother to Proteeus and Perseeus, but he is chestnut and white! This colt is huge! He is super sweet and the showiest of them all! $3000 Phaetonn is now proudly owned by Jay Williams, of North Carolina! Jay bought his first Firedance Farms horse from us 14 years ago! you are welcome to contact Jay about Firedance Farms horses! jcwdragonfly@yahoo.com

You have got to watch this video taken June 2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJL7CZqzFfY&t=8s








Perseeus: Perseeus turned 3 in April and he is over 15.1!! He's a 4th generation Russian Endurance horse from Firedance Farms!  Perseeus's dam is Paandorra (limited distance/early retirement from fractured hock) by Paradoxx(race winner in Jordan) out of MSA Magnollia (endurance).  His sire is Poseidon Bay, 3 time Pinto Endurance horse of the Year. You can't get better bred for endurance! This colt is brave, sensible, smart, and very very friendly.  Nothing bothers this colt!   Perseeus is registered both 1/2 Arabian and pinto.  He has one blue eye! This is a very big gelding with good solid bone. If you want a very calm, easy going, no spook horse, here is your chance to raise him your way! Perseeus has great dressage potential as well. He is currently under saddle and he is hands down the best horse I have ever started. This horse is absolutely fabulous! Perseeus is proudly owned by Kim DeForrest of California!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaK-0EaY_YU under saddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cew_GtuURss

with Eddie Ralston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQxLn_ChswQ




Our best Russian mare...NAARNIA....full sister to our Russian stallion Naalo and the only daughter of The One Iment!






NAARNIA: 6 yr old Straight Russian mare. 14.3. This mare is awesome! She is incredibly smooth! Naarnia has had a month of beginning cow work and she just did a 25 mile night ride last weekend. She did amazing. No spook here! And wow, if you want a smooth horse, she is the one! Naarnia's talent will be multidays and 100s, as she is calm and stable and a (very) easy keeper! This horse has incredible potential. She has lived all her life out on 100 acres with the herd. Her sire, Paradoxx, is a endurance race winner in Jordan. This is the only filly of The One Iment. Three of her half brothers won BC last fall. The Russian trot will get you tens in gait everytime at the vet checks! If you are serious about a great multiday or 100 mile horse, she is your horse! She tries very hard to please. We've waited a long time to offer you this mare and she is every bit as good as I knew she would be. Although she is only 14.3, she is a very stout mare with excellent bone. $6000

Naarnia has found her partner with Natalie Schneider of Billings MT! Natalie says you are welcome to write her about our horses! dandnschneider@me.com

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LehN88UOeg under saddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0R7_qOZkG50






MERLIN CF: 4 yr old 15.2h chestnut gelding. This colt is wonderful! He is sweet, loves attention, calm, and very well broke. We have not done a lot of conditioning on him because he was so tall and young, so we have given him a chance just to grow up in the pasture. He runs to you when you call him and is quiet on a tie. Merlin loves to please and is a quiet horse. He's a stout 15.2 with great bone. Merlin just did his first 25 mile ride in Sept and did very well.$5000 VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5trUZ9e-ccA

Merlin has found his perfect match with Pamela Miller of Cerrillos NM! Feel free to email Pamela about firedance farms horses! pamnshine@yahoo.com



MagicManhead3sm.JPG (114074 bytes)




MAGIC MAN EA:  Coming 5 year old 16.2 half Arabian half saddlebred Mamage son.  All I can say about this horse is WOW!!!  He is very well broke and is very well trained hunt seat.   Magic Man is very calm and loves attention!  Nothing bothers this horse and he loves everyone. He did two limited distance rides last fall and was perfect! But be prepared, he's not even 5 and he is TRULY 16.2!!  $6500 Breeders Sweepstakes. I'm very happy to say that Magic Man is going to Bob Marshall, DVM in WV. Bob fell in love with his wife's horse, Worthy Enough, so now they have a matched pair! You are welcome to email Beth and Bob about Firedance Farms Horses! Look for them on rides in the NE, when Bob isn't vetting the ride! woodhavenbeth@netscape.net

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZXSCRlnDW8




MagicManstandrtbst.JPG (505680 bytes)Magictrotb.JPG (102399 bytes)        MagicManLouise1sm.JPG (106022 bytes)



WorthyEnoughhead4sm.jpg (57494 bytes)





WORTHY ENOUGH:  Wow, it's really hard to put Worthy Enough (Copper) on the webpage.  We all just love this horse, but...if we love him this much we know that his match will love him even more!    Copper is 1/2 Saddlebred and 1/2 Arab. Like Dre, he is TRULY 16h (well 16 and one quarter actually) but he is more slender   Copper is absolutely the smoothest horse you will ever ride.  He is 'broke to death' and not a spook at all.  He has a wonderful personality and loves nothing more than to go down the trail.  I hate to sell this horse because he is so incredibly relaxing to ride.  Copper's match is someone who wants a horse that is extremely smooth and not a spook and will go anywhere willingly.   Perhaps a rider who now has physical issues or just doesn't want to mess with an undependable horse anymore, but is a good rider.  He was also my lesson horse for a 12 year old beginner last summer, so he would love to go somewhere with kids!   He has not done many AERC rides because we always took a less experienced horse.  Copper finally got his turn to do a 50 Sat and he did amazing!  He finished 4th out of 20 on a very muddy twisty turny ride!   This is REALLY a nice horse!!!  Our ride photographer said he was the prettiest horse he's ever seen!    His photos will be posted soon!  Breeders Sweepstakes. $6500     Too late!  Copper has found his lifetime match with Beth Marshall of WV!  Beth says to be sure to email her for information on Firedance Farms Horses! woodhavenbeth@netscape.net 

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GywaXilhNg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

WorthyEnoughstand2sm.jpg (159100 bytes)             WorthyEnoughtrot.JPG (31864 bytes)      WorthyEnoughBeth.jpg (324936 bytes)

Beth and Worthy!



DrDrehead2bstsm.JPG (131467 bytes)




DA DR DRE  :   We have all agreed that Dre is the best endurance horse we have trained (and that's saying A LOT!).    He did a hot 90 degree 50 in August and got 2nd high vet score with 220 lbs!  (my little Russian 100 mile mare got 1st..not fair!)  He did his second 50 in Oct and received high vet score!  Dre is a 16h  7 year old black bay gelding.  3/4 Arab, 1/4 Saddlebred.This horse is fantastic and definitely international caliber.  Dre is BIG; truely 16h barefooted and big boned,  but not bulky.  Dre will be very competitive and his match is someone who really wants to be competitive as well.   He is not a spooky horse and is easy to control but he is big and strong and not for the feint of heart!  We will not sell him to someone who wants to 'win now' but to someone who wants to bring him along slowly and be competitive in the long run.    This is your chance to win the AHA championship 1/2 Arab and make some money!   Dre has it all, not only is he absolutely stunningly gorgeous,  he is extremely tough, he loves people, very willing to please, and is Breeders Sweepstakes!  He is also extremely well trained (from Scottsdale) in Hunter Pleasure!  $8000 Dre has found his lifetime partner with  Brianne Brault, of Alberta, Canada!  We are so happy for them!  Feel free to email Brianne about Firedance Farms! brianne@farmlinksolutions.ca

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC7gMiQpo7g



DrDretrot1sm.JPG (124901 bytes)            DrDrestandlfed.JPG (5887622 bytes)                                              




Kecia and Squeaker!


Horses Overseas........

Sheezaprowlerbstsmwp.jpg (46954 bytes)



Sheeza Prowler CF: 16+h 8 yr old 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Saddlebred bay mare.  Russian/Polish sire out of aSheezaProwlertrot4411sm.JPG (89183 bytes) saddlebred mare.   This mare is wonderful!  She is very well trained and she absolutely loves to go!  She is very smooth and covers miles before you even realize it!  She did her first 50 last month  and she did AMAZING.  She was calm and had incredible recoveries. Her CRI was 44/40 at the first vet check.    If you want a horse who is pure FUN to ride and can really cover the ground, she is for you!  She is very surefooted and very brave!  Her match is a confident, rather aggressive rider who loves to fly down the trails!  She also has excellent dressage potential for cross training.   "Lady" is definitely going to be one of our stars!   She is definitely an international level horse because of her exceptional recoveries at ease at covering ground at speed!   Please, this horse is for someone who seriously wants to just ride with the wind!  Breeders Sweepstakes.  $7500  Lady is sold!  She is going to Ahmad Abdulla of Kuwait endurance!

SheezaProwlerAmbertrotwp.JPG (80856 bytes)

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Ames Supreme: 6 year old 15h purebred bay gelding of old Polish bloodlines by Brass.  Ames is very athleticAmesAmberCP909smwp.jpg (90142 bytes)and loves to go down the trail.   He has done two 25s and is being conditioned for a 50 this fall.  Ames is very well broke and controllable, and does not care if horses go off ahead of him.  He loves people and runs to the halter.  This horse is going to be a great multiday horse and has the attitude and conformation to compete at the international level.   Breeders Sweepstakes.  $6000.  Sorry, Princess Alia has already snatched him up and he is going to  Jordan!!!


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Simply Magik:  wow!   Is the only thing anyone can say when they see this horse!  16.1h+ grey 6 year old half Arabian half Dutch (Majesteit KWPN).   Magik is trained to do some second level dressage and he isMagiktrot3sm.JPG (83751 bytes) awesome!  He is extremely well behaved and a very good learner.  He has done one 25.  The Dutch gives him bigger bone than a purebred, but he is not a heavy horse.  He has the most unbelievable trot you will ever ride!  This horse will definitely compete with the very best!   Breeders Sweepstakes.  $8000  Well I guess you won't have to compete against him, as he is off to Jordan as well!!!


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Paradoxx It is with much soul searching that we are offering our senior stallion, Paradoxx, for sale.   Paradoxx is the epitome of what we strive for in our Russian breeding.  He is a massive coming five year old, and a gorgeous dapple grey.  He is over 15.3 and will wear a size 2 shoe.  He is truly anParadoxxtrot2407.JPG (37464 bytes) outstanding horse and really needs to be in a place where he will be used.  We just don't have the number of mares to breed to him to justify keeping such a horse.  He needs to go where he will be used, at a larger breeding facility and/or where someone will show him sporthorse in hand.  He is far too good of a horse just to 'waste away' at our small facility.  Price is not as much of a consideration as a place where he will be used.  We will reserve two breedings a year.  See NAALO below as his first offspring.

Paradoxx has gone to the Royal Palace in Jordan!   I think he will show his real potential under Princess Alia Al Hussein's capable ownership!  UPDATE:  Paradoxx is now called Wisdom and just did his first endurance ride in April! 

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GroundZerohead1sm.JPG (46717 bytes)Ground Zero:   This horse is amazing!  WeGroundZeroTXBluebonnet5072sm.JPG (99490 bytes) knew he would be good, but we didn't realize how good!  Ground Zero is half saddlebred and half Arabian and is huge; a true 16.1 and has beautiful movement.  He can trot like the wind.  Zero has shown himself to be outstanding in endurance, having completed a 30 mile ride and two slow 50 mile rides with incredible recoveries!  We know he is going to be 'one of the stars' and he is only 5!  Of course, being a saddlebred/Arab cross, he is super fun to ride and loves to go!  You will definitely fall in love with this horse!  I will sure be sad to see him go, as he's my favorite to ride, but he needs a best friend who will take it slow and bring him on to be a star!   Breeders Sweepstakes.   $7500  Ground Zero has been purchased by Alia Al Hussein in Jordan!  We are very excited for his overseas endurance experience!!

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