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This page is dedicated to the memory of Kashan, the first firedance farms endurance horse we sold. He passed away in 2014 at the age of 27, retired and happy to the very end!

Kashan10.jpg (22084 bytes)SCS Silverado: "Kashan"  was the first Firedance Farms endurance horse we sold and he is proudly owned by Mary Beth Read of Texas.  He currently is a showhorse for therapy  and recently (2010) two   silvers and a bronze medal at the Special Olympics!  Feel free to contact Mary Beth about Kashan!




JayAmati2006sm.JPG (49662 bytes)

AMATI Beautiful 6 year old chestnut gelding with long flaxen mane. Extremely pretty with excellent movement! Very gentle, loves people, 15.1h. Very upright carriage. Prettiest head you've ever seen! He is a JK Amadeus son out of a Medalion daughter out of Fire Melody, so this JayAmatibeach.JPG (49858 bytes)horse is bred to TROT! Sweepstakes nominated. Being conditioned by a heavyweight. He has done three slow 50s this spring.

This horse is most happily owned by Jay Williams of North Carolina! He would be glad to talk with you about Firedance Farms Arabians!








Katestand2506.JPG (38903 bytes)HA KISS ME KATE:  8 yr old black NSH.  This is a beautiful mare whom anyone can ride!  She doesn't shy,KateDuckrun.JPG (26020 bytes) she doesn't trip, buck, rear, or refuse to go forward!  And she is the smoothest horse ever!  Kate is the horse that I rode after my accident because I knew I would not fall off!  She's 15.2+ and is absolutely stunning.  Jay Williams is also the happy owner of Kate!





Gogohead1sm.JPG (23738 bytes)MD VIRGO:   wow, this colt is awesome!  He is truly 16h and GoGoDiane210wp.JPG (23846 bytes)he is will be 4 this summer!  He is a gorgeous purebred of a Polish/American mix.  He is green broke, very willing to learn, and just loves to be goo-gooed over.  "Strider" is already excellent on trail with no spooks and willing to go over anything!  He is tall, but he is not as big boned as the two mares above.  He has beautiful smooth gaits and an excellent back.  I've never seen an Arabian his size with such outstanding conformation.  Breeders Sweepstakes.   $5000  OK SE Region, you are going to have one great competitor in a few years!   Diane Hawthorne of FL has snatched him up already!  You are welcome to e-mail her regarding Firedance Farms horses!




nockoutheadasm507.JPG (33115 bytes)




Nockoutbest19mosharp.JPG (57260 bytes)NOCKOUT:   3 yr old colt. (Krakow x The One Iment) see bloodstock.    *Muscat/Menes grandson.  Half brother to Nixx and Nitroxx.  14.3.  This is a really nice colt.  He is very big boned and a real powerhouse! He is not tall, but he is big, and suitable for a heavyweight rider.  Nockout would also excel as a reining horse, as he is built to turn and move! Nockout has a wonderful disposition.  He is very calm and willing to please.   We want to get these straight Russian colts out to new areas in the United States to promote the wonderful Russian bloodlines!   Too late!  Nockout is going to Roxxane Batt,DVM, and John Schneider who now reside in Prescott AZ! Roxxanne says do not hesitate to e-mail her about Firedance Farms horses!

NockoutRoxannetrotsm.JPG (23972 bytes)



NixxFtStanton06a.JPG (61892 bytes)Nixx We have Nixx here for sale, and he is AWESOME!  4 yr old straight Russian gelding by Madison Avenue x The One Iment.  Full brother to Nitroxx and half brother to Nockout and Nickolaii.  14.3 1/2h.   Nixx is anNixxstandage4sm.JPG (62046 bytes) outstanding horse.  He's very calm and willing to please.  He has excellent conformation and is going to be a great 100 mile horse.  He's done one limited distance ride last week, and missed BC by a few points!  We've taken this horse all over the place and he never 'bats an eye'!  If you are serious about endurance and want a calm, well behaved horse, Nixx is the NixxTerrydressage2wp.jpg (34048 bytes)one!  He is a fabulous tribute to our Russian breeding program, and the lucky owner is guaranteed to fall in love!    Nixx is now owned by Lisa Boyd of NM.  What an excellent pair they make!  They have quite an endurance career!







Frostyhead.jpg (2999 bytes)

MORE THAN FAITH 6 yr old grey BY GOLLYFrostystand3sm.JPG (79576 bytes) SON.  15+h. This horse has a very interesting pedigree.   His sire is the famous racehorse BY GOLLY and his tail female line traces back to the very first American registered horses!   He has a beautiful extended trot but he loves to run!   His only LD ride Dec. 31 and placed 10th out of 65 with Bruce (HW).  Bruce said "I wasn't trying; he just passed everyone at the vet check!"   "Frosty" is a stunningly beautiful white horse that just loves to go! He is a very tough horse; a characteristic which we have found extremely important.  He's also just the nicest horse, and loves nothing more than to go out on trail!  update:  Frosty has proven on his first 50 Feb 11th to be the high caliber horse serious competitors are looking for.    "Silas" is owned by Theresa Carroll and they have had a phenomenal endurance career, including AERC National Champion in 2012!











Vieviehead2sm.JPG (43013 bytes)



JM Cest La Vie I just did a 50 on this horse   (9-6-09)in SE TX heat and he did fabulous!  This horse is unbelievably fun to ride..smooth...calm...lets other horses go on...will MIND YOU!!   Vie Vie is a gorgeous seven year old half Arabian halfVievietrotasm.JPG (19361 bytes)saddlebred 15.1h chestnut gelding.  His sire is pure Polish (Cognac son out of a *Perkal daughter).  He has wonderful gaits and is very smooth!    He has a beautiful headset and loves to go out on trail.   As much as we love riding this horse, we realize he is now ready for his new partner.  Warning!  Vie Vie insists that you will be his best friend!  He just loves attention and runs to the halter!   Vie Vie would do very well for someone who likes to do various disciplines with their horse: arena, endurance, and competitive trail.  His extremely smooth trot will make it easy on riders with old injuries!He is not a big boned horse and would do well in warm, humid climates.  Vie Vie and Bruce won first place and Best Condition at Blackwell or Bust 25 mile ride Nov. 28th. Vie Vie did his first 50 June 27th in SE OK...the thermometer read 109 degrees and only 8 finished!  Breeders Sweepstakes.  $5000 "Jimmi" is now owned by Roberta Harms of IL!  May you have as many memories with him as Sha-win! Feel free to contact Roberta about FiredanceFarms horses!  Vieviestand9094sm.JPG (61336 bytes)



OhMaihead1sm.JPG (67533 bytes)







OH MAI:  9 yr old 16h big solid 1/2 Arab 1/2 Dutch by the wonderful Majesteit and out of a Medalion daughter.  Bruce bought this horsebecause Majesteit is his favorite stallion and the sire of OhMaistandbstsm.JPG (146988 bytes)Simply Magik, who was one of our very best who went to Jordan.  The Dutch adds bone and engagement in the rear.  Oh Mai loves men!  He is a very kind, gentle horse and not a spook.   He has done four 25s with great BC scores and is conditioning to do his first 50 Thanksgiving.   Oh Mai has an absolutely gorgeous trot.  His match is a kind, easy going rider (preferably man) who wants a safe horse to ride alone.  Oh Mai likes to go and doesn't like to stand still.  He prefers men and someone who rides with contact.  He excells in the hot humidity! If you want a horse who is very brave, will go anywhere, and loves to just go, he is for you!   Breeders Sweepstakes.  $5000 UPDATE: Oh Mai got high vet score on his first 50! Too late though, as he has found his perfect partner with Arnie Novenstein of CT! Feel free to email Arnie about Firedance Farms horses!




FrenchSplendorhead1asm.JPG (37665 bytes)





FRENCH SPLENDOR:  This is another  big bay gelding!  French Splendor is 15.2, coming 8 and a purebred.   He is very well broke and has great smooth strides.  He is rather a clown FrenchSplendorDawn.JPG (37801 bytes)and not a timid horse, and just loves for you to goo goo over him.   This was one of our very good Firedance Farms horses three years ago.  Princess Alia wanted him to go to Jordan, but he was already sold!  Due to an emergency situation, he is back in training with us, and he is every bit the great horse we knew him to be!  What I like about him:  he doesn't shy, he has a very cadenced smooth trot, a super fast walk, and loves people!  He did a tough 25 in the Ozarks in March and is scheduled to do a 50 mid April.  French Splendor is a big horse and has a great back.  He would be a good heavyweight horse. Breeders Sweepstakes.   $5000.Frenchy has found his perfect match with Dawn Hoang and Nick Huynh of Mesa AZ!  Feel free to email them about Firedance Farms horses!

FrenchSplendorstandasm.JPG (63476 bytes)










Opalhead2sm.JPG (41677 bytes)




VDF GHAZIS OPAL:  Opal is a very game horse and is ridden by Bruce (tacks in at 215). She has done several limited distance rides and done very well.  She  finishedOpalBruceBluebonnet408bstsm.jpg (45881 bytes)Bluebonnet 25 "only trotting and walking" in 2:59.  Bruce could not believe his time!   Opal is a  15.3+h mare by the Great Dutch Harness Horse, Orlando, and out of an Al Ghazi Arabian mare.  She loves people and will bond with you very well.  She likes men.  Opal is a big boned mare but not a stocky mare.  She is well broke and has a very nice headset and loves to do arena work!  She would knock the socks off sporthorse and dressage judges!   Opal is a  level headed horse and a lot of fun to ride!  The DHH gives her big bone and size but not bulk, and an awesome walk and trot!  This horse can really drive off the rear!  Opal is 5 and is ready for her first 50.  Look at the potential this horse has in dressage, eventing, or multidays!    Breeders Sweepstakes.  $6000  Too late!  Opal has found an excellent match with Jill Hill DVM, of PA!  You are welcome to e-mail Jill about Firedance Farms Horses!

OpalAmbertrot4.JPG (19592 bytes)Opalstand2sm.JPG (99555 bytes)




Philhead1sm.JPG (226441 bytes)






LC DOCTOR PHIL:  15.1 1/2  6 year old bay gelding.  This is another very nice bay 'doctor' and also 3/4 arab and 1/4 saddlebred!  Phil is smaller than Dre, and not as aggressive.   Phil is very well broke, and has been shown in hunter pleasure.  He will make a great best friend, as he is very willing to please and wants someone to bond with.  Phil is very kind and very smooth.  This horse's match is for a quieter rider who may want a more versatile horse.  He also would be great for someone who is short or has hip issues, as he is narrow, but with a great flat back.  He completed his first 50 with a HW with excellent vet scores on a hot OK ride this summer. Phil will definitely get into your heart!  Breeders Sweepstakes.  $5000 Phil has found his perfect partner with Lisa St. John of Carmel CA and soon to be of NY!


Philtrot4.JPG (115238 bytes)

Philstandrt2sm.JPG (152266 bytes)             


Spottlyteheadearsm.JPG (29727 bytes)



PKH Spottlyte: 3 yr old  1/2 Arabian and 1/2 Saddlebred. 15.1+h.   Spottlyte has good solid bone and beautiful gaits.  I picked Spottlyte out because he was one of the most beautiful pinto Arabians I had everSpottlytestand1.JPG (17655 bytes)seen, and he has turned out to be more than I had ever hoped for, as he is gentle and very willing to please.  Currently in training and doing great. Breeders Sweepstakes as well!     Too Late!  Sandra Bartsch    of CA has already snapped him up!







Buckhead3smwp.JPG (74661 bytes)



Hatanis Little Buck:  15h 8 year old chestnut gelding.  Buck is scheduled to do his first 25 Nov. 6th.  He is an absolutely gorgeous horse who is extremely gentle and is very well broke.  Buck was an outstanding westernBuckstandrtbstsmwp.jpg (58906 bytes) pleasure horse, but when we saw this horse trot out, we had to have him in our endurance program!  He has a wonderful fast walk, smooth trot that can really cover ground, and then that wonderful loose rein relaxed lope!  $5000. Too late!   "Buck Oakie" is going to CANADA!!  Karen Badger and Winita Mitchell are going to have a great time with Buck!  Grow that coat fast, little guy!  You are welcome to write Karen regarding Firedance Farms Horses!

Karen and Buck have a webpage!  Check it out!

BuckKarendressagewp.JPG (25093 bytes)






LC Polor Express:  7 year old purebred 15.1 hand gelding.  Polor loves to go and loves to please.  He received high vet score on his first 25 with a HW rider.  He has amazing recoveries.   Polor is 'light' and will PolorExpressLouisewalk2sm.JPG (93849 bytes)excell in the heat and humidity.  He has a high wither so he is not suited for western riding.  English saddles and many endurance saddles fit him fine.  Polor's match is a LW rider who wants to be very successful on hot humid rides!  He is scheduled to do his first 50 the end of June.  He is also very well trained in hunter pleasure.  Breeders Sweepstakes.  Polor is staying in the Central Region! 







Moradahead1sm.JPG (29256 bytes)






Whole Lotta Morada:   We have another great one! Morada is a 7 year old 15.3+h 1/2 Saddlebred 1/2 Arabian gelding byMoradastand5sm.JPG (65555 bytes) Islamorada++.   Morada is going to be an outstanding multiday or 100 miler! He is extremely athletic and has gorgeous ground covering strides!  He is very kind and loves to be ridden.  He received  2nd place and reserve BC at Blackwell or MoradaLCB1108sm.JPG (112152 bytes)Bust over Thanksgiving on his second 50!  This horse has great potential for a serious competitor.  $6000 Susan Swope, of KY, bought Meescha, the horse Bruce rode in the Tevis in 98.  Meescha is getting up in years and Susan wanted a new endurance horse.  Morada was the perfect match!  Susan will be glad to tell you about buying horses sight unseen from Firedance Farms!









Roxyheadasm.JPG (46988 bytes)





Luv On The Rocs:  This horse is for the serious endurance rider who wants a multiday/100 mile horse or to beRoxyMelissasm.JPG (57513 bytes) competitive in 50s.  Roxy is a beautiful  7  yr old 15.2 1/2h+ bay mare.    She is very smooth, and surefooted.  She is by SA Hudson Bey out of a saddlebred mare (JRs Last Love).  She is a registered NSH and 1/2 Arabian.  Roxy has excellent conformation,  and a great back.  Did I mention SMOOTH?  She has a super fast walk and will be an excellent 100 mile/multiday horse.  We have done three 50 mile rides on Roxy and she is excellent!    Roxy isn't a spook  and loves to go!  She is very tough and  very competitive.  She also shows a lot of talent for eventing. If you are a sensitive rider who is willing to ask instead of demand she will be your lifelong partner who will take you to the end of the Earth!  Breeders Sweepstakes. $5000.   Roxystand2sm.JPG (78101 bytes)Melissa Powers of FL has snatched Roxie up!  May she have endless trails with this great mare!  Melissa says you are welcome to write her about buying horses from Firedance Farms!









GroundZerohead1sm.JPG (46717 bytes)Ground Zero:   This horse is amazing!  WeGroundZeroTXBluebonnet5072sm.JPG (99490 bytes) knew he would be good, but we didn't realize how good!  Ground Zero is half saddlebred and half Arabian and is huge; a true 16.1 and has beautiful movement.  He can trot like the wind.  Zero has shown himself to be outstanding in endurance, having completed a 30 mile ride and two slow 50 mile rides with incredible recoveries!  We know he is going to be 'one of the stars' and he is only 5!  Of course, being a saddlebred/Arab cross, he is super fun to ride and loves to go!  You will definitely fall in love with this horse!  I will sure be sad to see him go, as he's my favorite to ride, but he needs a best friend who will take it slow and bring him on to be a star!   Breeders Sweepstakes.   $7500  Ground Zero has been purchased by Alia Al Hussein in Jordan!  We are very excited for his overseas endurance experience!!

GroundZerostand2sm.JPG (96781 bytes)

GroundZeroJordansm.JPG (25666 bytes)



Poseysbabyheadbarnsm.JPG (38700 bytes)





Romance of the Rose:  5 yr old 15.1 hand filly by POSEIDON BAY, our Pinto Endurance Horse of the Year!  We were so excited to find this filly, we had to put her in our program to make sure she goes to a great endurance home!  This is a beautiful mare who has excellent gaits and is brave like her father!  She has not had the opportunity to do a limited distance ride yet, but is ready!  Rose is 11/16 Arabian, 3/16 Saddlebred, and 2/16 Paint.  She is both a registered half Arabian and registered Pinto.  We have been most impressed with this mare.   Rose has found her partner!   Christina Dammerman of McCall Idaho now has a best friend!  Feel free to e-mail her about Firedance Farms Horses!

Poseysbabytrot1307.jpg (36095 bytes)

poseysbabyChristina807.JPG (69003 bytes)

Christina and Rose in Idaho





Eaglestand4.JPG (76700 bytes)Eagles Rock Ser 8 yr old 15+h bay gelding.  Wonderful blend of Russian, Polish and Crabbet breeding.   *Mellon(Celebes) grandsonEagleFl08sm.JPG (9689 bytes) out of a Straight Russian ganddam.  This is an upright, big boned gelding suitable for a heavier rider.   He is super savvy on trail, not a spooker, and loves to go!  This is a very tough horse and will excel on tough trails. Look at the power in this horse!!  He will take you as far as you want to go! Eagle did his first 50 June 11th in 103 temp and did excellent with a HW rider!  He would have been my choice to ride the Big Horn 100, but we did Ft. Stanton instead!     Eagle has found a wonderful match with Drin Becker in MT.  Watch out next spring, NW and MT regions! Drin says do not hesitate to ask her about Firedance Farms horses!   Update:

Eagle is now a Florida resident happily owned by Linda, Malinda, and Max Brown

EagleDrinWy07sm.JPG (26923 bytes)                                                                                                                                                                                        








Scout7a.JPG (44677 bytes)FM LACROSS:   This is a big beautiful gelding that Maureen Briggs sent me to train "to be justScout11a.JPG (39907 bytes) like Raz".  But alas, fate stepped in, and "Scout" found his match in another!  He is proudly owned by Susan Keil DVM, in KS.  Please feel free to e-mail Susan about how our matchmaking works!  They did their first 100 together last fall!


                                                                                    ScoutSusan3.JPG (17832 bytes)                                               



  RascalBiltmore5052words.JPG (28323 bytes)WP Front and Sinter: "Sarge" is a gorgeous 15.3 hand six year old bay gelding.  He is a very tall horse, but not a very big horse.  Outstanding conformation.  Rascal will be very competitive in AHA because he is a 7/8 Arabian and Sweepstakes. He should do very well in the half Arabian division!  He moves like glass, and is super sensitive to your cues.  He has done two 25s and three slow 50s this spring, although he managed to top ten every one!   He loves to go down the trail and has a great walk.  He is the perfect multiday hot weather horse for a light weight rider.  For Sale after the Colorado Horse Park Challenge Labor Day. .  Rascal  won RESERVE CHAMPION 1/2 Arabian at the CO HPC!  This horse is really going to go places and is a serious candidate for international competition!  Ride him in the Nationals next year!  Too Late!  Rascal is now owned by Tom and Rita Swift of WVA.   He will now become part of their excellent group of endurance horses!  News Flash!  WP Front and Sinter got top ten  on the Biltmore 100!   Way to go "Sarge"!  His first 100! Tom says feel free to e-mail him about Firedance Farms horses!




ABEDNEGOS FLAME: Now owned by Darolyn Butler-Dial! She knows a GREAT horse when she sees one! Bennibiltmore.jpg (41678 bytes)Congratulations on your 7th place win at Biltmore with H.E. SHAIKH BIN SULTAN AL NAHYAN KHALID!   Update:  Benny is now owned by RJ Wentzel!  They just won the AHA Region 9 championship!!


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