This webpage is dedicated to "Bo" who carried me over 3500 miles of competition and always wanted to see what was over the next hill, no matter the miles. He introduced me into endurance riding and brought me great joy. We are saddened at his untimely death from a broken leg by a broodmare He sired quite remarkable foals.



Legion of Supreme Honor

IAHA Regional Champion



Daughter of Fa Al Badi+/

Ffire Storm+/ 10 year old black bay Crabbet/Babson mare.  This mare is barely14.2, and has incredible substance and excellent legs.  She is by FA AL BADI+/, a Legion of Supreme Honor and IAHA Regional Endurance Champion of over 3500 miles.  She has inherited her sire's incredibly smooth gaits, very fast walk, and low heartrate.  This mare loves to be up front.  Ffire Storm  won her first 50 of the 1999 season and ended the season as high point Arabian endurance horse in the Ozark Country Endurance Riders!  

Ffire Storm+/ qualified for the Nationals in both the 50 and the 100 last year. She is an excellent 100 mile horse and definitely a Tevis candidate. Will sell to an active endurance home only.  She is extremely gentle but you must be prepared for a VERY smart horse!

FFireStorm won the Region IX IAHA 2002 Championship, as did her sire, FA AL BADI+/, exactly ten years ago! Like her sire, she also received IAHA Best Condition, and also AERC Best Condition! This team placed 2nd featherweight, and second overrall in the Central Region for 2002!

We regret to say that Stormy was struck and killed by lightning on June 14, 2003. She had just received her Legion of Supreme Honor. We will miss her terribly as she was one great little mare!






Photo by Selena Copeland




Stallions Currently At Stud:

Poseidon BayPoseidonbstsma.JPG (168659 bytes)

12 year old homozygous pinto stallion.  3/8Poseidonturn1.JPG (22695 bytes) Arabian, 3/8 Saddlebred, 2/8 Paint.  15.2h.  Gorgeous head, big eye, wonderful body!  Poseidon was the 2005, 2007 and 2009 Pinto Endurance Horse of the Year! He was 2009 AERC 7th place Jim Jones Stallion and has over 1500 AERC miles. His foals are in your pocket, calm, and the best horses I've ever trained!   Click on link for more photos! $500 stud fee.








Naaloheadage32sm.JPG (20257 bytes)








2007 Grey 15.2h Straight Russian stallion by Paradoxx and out of The One Iment.  Naalo represents three generations of our Straight Russian breeding program!  He has outstanding conformation and is a gentle, kind horse.  His name means lovable in Swahili. He was trained in working cow for 60 days and now is doing 50 mile rides.  He won high vet score ever time he stood for BC! This horse will add low pulse rate and outstanding trot to your foals!   Straight Russian horses got three of the 4 high vet scores in the year end awards in OCER this year. $500 stud fee.


Naalostandage31sm.jpg (67200 bytes)


Naalostandage32sm.JPG (80834 bytes)







Naalocows2.JPG (148770 bytes)








Other Russian Stallions that contributed to Firedance Farms' Russian breeding program:

PARADOXX(Madison Avenue x MSA Magnollia)

Paradoxxtrot5407.JPG (31513 bytes)

Paradoxxage3trot2.JPG (32540 bytes)



Paradoxx is a massive straight Russian stallion that is truely 16h tall.   He will add the Russian TROT, size, and bone to any mare!  We bred him to our three Russian broodmares before he went to Jordan and they are outstanding (Naalo, Paandorra and Naarnia)  Paradoxx is now a race winner in Jordan.  He is called Wisdom there and doing very well for the Royal family!




15h Straight Russian *Muscat son out of *Kastanieta, a full sister of Kilimandscharo! Krakow has been described as "Muscat's most lookalike son. This boy was in Georgia and we are excited to have him grace Firedance Farms! This is a very nice horse!  Thank you Mary and Scott Wooten for selling us this wonderful horse.  Unfortunately, Krakow is now retired from stud.

Photos  at age 18.

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of Krakow Jan. 25, 2007.  He slipped on the ice and broke his leg.  He leaves a legacy of six (five Straight Russian) offspring, but he will be greatly missed.





Madisontrotbest99.jpg (71715 bytes)Straight Russian 15.1h gorgeous chestnut *Muscat son out of a Kilimandscharo daughter. Refererence sire. 






Trixxheadsm507.JPG (67026 bytes)The One Iment (Menes x The Very One(Pesniar). Big Straight Russian chestnut mare. Dam of Menemuscavoy, Nitroxx, Nixx, Nockout, Nickolaii, Naalo, Naarnia and Neutronn. Granddam of Magnanimity and Nixx's foal, Pirates Parley.                                                                                                                                    Menemuscavoy, weanling


NITROXX (Madison Avenue) Nitorxxwalk502.JPG (23766 bytes)       




NIXX(Madison Avenue)

NixxParadoxxtrotfield503.jpg (15036 bytes) 

Paradoxx and Nix, ages 2                   

Photo at day 2



NOCKOUT (Krakow)   Nockouttrixx1weeka.JPG (14889 bytes)              Nockout1week.JPG (15056 bytes)


NICKOLAII (KRAKOW)  Nickolaiiday41.jpg (34626 bytes) N5day2head.JPG (19885 bytes)


Naalo (Paradoxx)   

Nalo3day4sm.JPG (50825 bytes)                    Nalo2day4sm.JPG (28758 bytes)

Naarnia (Paradoxx)

N7sm.JPG (75837 bytes)                                                                        Naarniaheadage22sm.JPG (34862 bytes)



Neutronn (Chopmist Karrick) 5-5-13


Pirates Parley (by Nixx)   Nixxsbaby.jpg (59007 bytes)



Persimmonhead2sm.JPG (13168 bytes)





PERSIMMON DSA 15.2h straight Russian *SASHA daughter out of *PANNTERA, a Panama of Tersk daughter.  Dam of Paassion (2004) and Paandora (2008)










PAASSION (KRAKOW) 2004 chestnut filly

Paassion3day2bst.JPG (94838 bytes)                                     


Paassionheadage4a.JPG (85672 bytes)








PAANDORRA (PARADOXX)  2008 bay filly

Paandora3day.snJPG.JPG (43917 bytes)    Paandorraheadbstsm.JPG (62165 bytes)

Paandorra offspring by Poseidon Bay










Maggiehead3sm507.JPG (111747 bytes)MSA MAGNOLLIA 


Straight Russian *MANDAT daughter out of a *MUSLIN daughter. 

Dam of Magnanimity(Menemuscavoy) 1999 grey filly(see references) and PassU(Madison Avenue)2001 grey colt(see references), Paradoxx (Madison Avenue)2002 bay colt, Prowlerr (Krak)2004 bay colt (see references), and Phantasy Eve(Krakow) 2005 bay filly.






PassUtrot3mo.jpg (49654 bytes)                                                                        PassUage43.JPG (29648 bytes)

photo at one day                                                            PassU 2001 grey colt




Paradoxx 5-9-02 Bay colt by Madison Avenue




Prowlerday23.JPG (40615 bytes)

PROWLERR: 2004 bay colt by Krakow

Prowlerday24.JPG (29317 bytes)                        Prowlerhead08.jpg (48332 bytes)                     Prowlerrage35.jpg (39769 bytes)                                       


Phantasy Eve  2005 bay filly by Krakow

PhantasyEveday41.JPG (52503 bytes)


PhantasyEveday42.JPG (58954 bytes)            


Fleur D Angel (Immagin x *Paulina) Straight Russian


Seeker 2020 Straight Russian Colt by Naalo



Jesse Burton on FARAH LENA+/ TEVIS 1998


Jessemile3000303.JPG (33089 bytes)

Legion of Supreme Honor 3000 miles of endurance riding and now....


Blazebaby7+.jpg (67279 bytes)Blazefoalday35.jpg (47339 bytes)Blazefoalday33.jpg (44806 bytes)

Her filly today!









Amber Burton on COCHIESE

1000 miles at age 18 and 19! 


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