We are most pleased to have this wonderful stallion grace Firedance Farms! His pedigree is outstanding! He is a *Muscat son out of *Kastanieta, a full sister to Kilimandscharo! *Kastanieta's dam, Karta, is the granddam of some of the Kossak's Stud's finest stallions! Krakow is an excellent horse with a gorgeous head and that famous Russian trot! He is a very solid 15 h and has a wonderful temperament. Krakow has been described as *Muscat's most lookalike son. He will stand at stud to outside mares for $500, natural cover only.

Krakow in Georgia. Thank you Mary and Scott Wooten for selling us this wonderful horse!







Krakow on his first ride in Oklahoma with Jesse

Dec. 2002








Krakow does his first 50 mile endurance ride at age 19 in great shape!KrakowBruce.JPG (45402 bytes)

KrakowIT1004sm.JPG (109818 bytes)






KrakowBellCow2sm.JPG (47953 bytes)KrakowBellCow1sm.JPG (87312 bytes)










Krakow age 18Krakowage18trot4sm.JPG (17653 bytes)



krakowage18trot1.JPG (38042 bytes)

Krakowage18trot2.JPG (38457 bytes)






Krakow babies

Krakowbaby.JPG (19509 bytes)






When we saw this photo, we knew Krakow was an outstanding sire!


  Nockout1week.JPG (13237 bytes)  Nockout312motrot1.jpg (17207 bytes)    Nockout312motrot2.jpg (23871 bytes)

Nockout (Krakow x The One Iment (*Menes))   Straight Russian 2004 colt

Nickolaiiday42.JPG (30385 bytes)  Nickolaii6mo2.JPG (75340 bytes)  Nickolaii6mo.JPG (38952 bytes)

 NickolaiiNockout1005.JPG (68050 bytes)

Nickolaii (Krakow x The One Iment (*Menes) Straight Russian 2005 colt


Paassion3day2bst.JPG (35936 bytes)         Paassion12wk.JPG (81037 bytes)           Paassion312mostand.jpg (19650 bytes)

Paassion (Krakow x Persimmon DSA (*Sasha)) 2004 Straight Russian filly

Blazefoalday33.jpg (15191 bytes)                    Blazefoalday35.jpg (15832 bytes)                 Blazefoalday31.jpg (39474 bytes)

Furaha Mueirie (Krakow x Farah Lena+/) 2004 Russian/Polish filly


    Prowlerday23.JPG (40615 bytes)          Prowlerday24.JPG (29317 bytes)             Prowler1motrot2.JPG (23372 bytes)

Prowlerr (Krakow x MSA Magnollia(*Mandat))   2004 Straight Russian  colt

PhantasyEveday41.JPG (18807 bytes)PhantasyEveday42.JPG (19239 bytes)            PhantasyEveday43.JPG (19747 bytes)

Phanstasy Eve (Krakow x MSA Magnollia (*Mandat)) 2005 Straight Russian filly